It takes a community to
build entrepreneurial

An entire community of entrepreneurial minded people must exist and
interact with each other for those entrepreneurial ecosystem
to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment

Smart Varna Foundation

What is My Own Business Accelerator – MOBA?

In the MOBA curricula, part of which is partnered with the University of Santa Clara, you will learn:

– How to build an adequate business plan for your idea;

– How to research the market and what tools to use for this purpose;

– How to build a good marketing strategy;

– How to read accounting documents;

– How to Develop a Financial Plan for Your Business;

– How to choose the form of management of your company and the steps of its registration;

– And much more…

By participating in our training, you will not only gain practical skills in solving various real business cases, but will also gain access to our business contacts that we have built up over the years.
After completing one of our trainings, you will have the rare opportunity to become part of our Alumni community, for which free or paid trainings, seminars, consultations, etc. are organized on a monthly basis.

The program includes:

–  14 weeks course;

– Once a week with attractions for 2 hours;

– Successfully complete a study, tests, business plan, case studies (minimum 60%), presentation of investors, mentors and business;

– Obtain a certificate.


Ambitious people wishing to…

– Develop their business;

– Have an idea for a business;

– They want to learn more about entrepreneurship;

– They want to become part of our entrepreneurial community.


Most lecturers are serial entrepreneurs. Behind them are a number of successful projects and developed companies. And they are ready to share with you their experiences and make you successful entrepreneurs.


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Having successfully finished the "Learn AI" course I believed I need to learn just a few more tricks in order to help my colleagues solve their problems using AI. The "Apply Artificial Intelligence" course proved this initial view to be naive, shortsighted and completely wrong! I watched the 16 lectures of the course, studied the presentations and the additional materials. Step by step a well-thought and proven in numerous projects methodology had been unveiled to me. The methodology steps seemed intuitively obvious and reasonable.Yet following them prevented me from making the common mistakes that often ruin promising projects! I realized this is the most effective way to address the real-world problems from the viewpoint of AI implementation. The course lit up the full path of getting an AI project from the start to the finish following a consistent plan with predictable results!