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The main goals of the Foundation are:

  • 1. Development of entrepreneurship in Bulgaria;
  • 2. Creating a favorable economic environment in Bulgaria with a view to stimulating the initiative of the Bulgarian entrepreneurs;
  • 3. Establishing effective dialogue between private and public industry in connection with entrepreneurship and its development in Bulgaria;
  • 4. Combining and designing fast growing, technological and innovative companies involved in the realization of ideas, products, services, using them for the use of economic activity;
  • 5. Development and design of art and culture in Bulgaria;
  • 6. Development and support of the training of adolescents in Bulgaria;
  • 7. Building a favorable and supportive social environment for disadvantaged and disabled people;
  • 8. Assistance in creating a favorable environment for the development of medical science and practice.
  • 9. Promoting the creation of an enabling environment for the development of agriculture, livestock and aquaculture.
  • 10. Conservation and development of biodiversity and support of ecology.

Who are we

A foundation that develops and offers up-to-date training in entrepreneurship and personal finance.

Our mission

To bring together communities of people who support each other and do business together.

What are we doing

We develop, support and support the entrepreneurial community in Bulgaria.

FOB Academy

FOB Academy is the project of Smart Varna Foundation, an organization engaged in the implementation of the following curricula:

  • MOBI 1 (How to start a business)
  • MOBI 2 (Business Expansion)
  • Personal finance management
  • Artificial Intelligence


MOBI (“My Own Business Institute”) is a joint program with BEC (Bulgarian Center for Entrepreneurship) and SCU (University of Santa Clara), which is aimed at current and future business owners.

MOBI is training for anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and wants to start a business. The program is also useful for those who want to expand their companies and gain new knowledge.

Upon completion of the program, participants receive a certificate from the University of Santa Clara, California.

Personal finances

Education in the field of financial planning will help you live a calmer life, thanks to the security of knowledge of your financial situation and financial risk.

We provide courses in personal finance and financial planning (online / offline) to answer the questions of proper money management, to provide tools and knowledge for their control and plans to provide the necessary financial resources to realize your dreams.

Artificial Intelligence

Coming soon…

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Why should you choose us?

Every person has their strength. We learned that all we need to do is point him at the right direction and he can be successful.

Most lecturers are serial entrepreneurs. Behind them are a number of successful projects and developed companies. And they are ready to share with you their experiences and make you successful entrepreneurs.

To make your dreams come true, your organization must develop and train to achieve results. We are here to teach you everything you need to go in the right direction.

The people we work with find self-expression and meet their needs, subordinating all their intellectual inner resources and talent to the cause. Their teamwork should provide them with significance, security, opportunity for development, contribution to their families, the environment in which they live, and why not to society as a whole.

A quality product created with a lot of care and love.
– Personal attitude to each partner and client;
– Transient human values, inspired by traditions;
– Atmosphere of constant development and training;
– The full potential of people and technology subordinated to achieve the mission;
– The strategy placed in the focus of each process in the organization;

And then, when the magic happens, you must be ready to enjoy how what you and your team have created begins to live their own lives. You must serve, support and protect him.

Creating added value is expressed in a few simple things, like: Listening to changing needs. Listening to the rhythm of the market. Listening to new technologies. Development of people’s potential. Constant change.

Change is Life. It creates added value for the customer, for the company, for the team and for yourself.